5 Must Visit Book Café in Mumbai


When you read a book or a newspaper, the aroma of the new paper will feel a nice feeling. The feel of shuffling through pages while reading the journals or other types of reading materials also offers a different experience altogether. These are what the old-fashioned readers look out for when they venture out of their homes to nearby cafe where journals, novels and other books are available for reading. If you also get a nice beverage like coffee to drink along with the book, what else you need to kill off the time in a worthwhile way. It also provides a way for people to interact with the thing they have read or are reading in a big way. What a novel way to keep our brains ticking forward?

Book Cafe in Mumbai

The avid readers get precisely such places where they get both the books to quench the intellect and coffee to make the reading interesting. Such places are called book cafe. In this article, we would be looking at the information about such cafe where readers can visit for reading books in Mumbai.

Leaping Windows Café: This café is located in the Verosa region of Mumbai. This is a small space in the basement devoted to comic books and picturized novels. The visitor can take a cup of coffee from the above shop and enter into the world of storytelling.
Food for Thought: This café is located in the Mumbai fort area. Here, you will have to buy a book from the gigantic shop before you can take it to the café. You can enjoy reading it with coffee that is being served from the nearest coffee shop. You get a book with almost all major titles from this book café.
Vox Populi Book Café: This café has an admirable selection of books for people who read across genres. It provides a nice ambiance in the reading room.
Prithvi Café: This café is located in the Juhu area of Mumbai. You can buy a book of your choice from the PaperBack in the vicinity and move straight into this café to enjoy a good reading experience. The books mostly are available for those who love Urdu, Hindi, and other Indian literature.
Neighbourhood Book Café: It is situated in the Kopar Khairane region in Mumbai. It has an impressive collection of books from different genres. The visitors to this café will also get homely brownies and nice coffee to assist in reading.

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